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The Medford sisters of Grove of Wisdom are not affiliated with nor do we fund nor receive funds from these social groups, sites, or channels. They were chosen by Malaena Medford’s own opinion on their usefulness and other factors. They shall not be held accountable for any opinions or data on this website in a court of law. Likewise, any information on these platforms are solely the personal opinions or works of the owners and not of Grove of Wisdom. I and my sister do not claim any responsibility to their writings or opinions and remain neutral as to our involvement with them, or their involvement with us.


Grove of Wisdom
Knowledge at one's fingertips.

Health is declining, and guidelines changing to fit this in an effort to quell the epidemic. But the problem is getting worse. Obesity, diabetes, cancer, and other diseases are at the highest in our history.

What if everything we've been told is wrong?

SUGARbriety International Inc

1 in 2 adults WORLDWIDE are now either diabetic or prediabetic. These conditions can be reversed and put in remission by eliminating sugar and excess carbs.

Our WORLDWIDE MISSION is to spread awareness of the dangers of excess sugar and carbs and the lifesaving properties of eating a high nutrient-density real food diet low in sugar and carbohydrates.

grain fatten fat healthy

Welcome to Keto Country!
Unlearn. Rethink.

The more you know.

WTKC is a generally laid back community of Ketonians and curious individuals. It has a constant feed of news to do anything with Ketogenic and Low Carb, and sparks debate and discussion.

The admin team works to try and dispel common myths and help lead people to informational sources through posts or informational discussion threads to posts.

Common Sense Keto
Using common sense in nutrition.

Hair loss? Fatigue? Stalled? Or generally not finding solutions?

CSK is a group which utilizes clinical tools for severe cases of nutritional confusion and eating disorders. Commonly practiced calorie restriction is anorexia nervosa in a pretty bow, nothing more.

The goal of CSK is to teach people how to calculate their dietary intake with a strict set of rules that changes based on science and experimentation. Eating at a deficit causes weight loss, but so do some diseases and excessive smoking. Pick your battles.

Health above appearance. You are beautiful no matter how you look, as long as it is reflected from the inside. A broken body must be fixed to achieve the aesthetics, not starved of vital nutrients.

Principia Carnivora
Zero Carb Zen

Eat Meat. Drink Water.

Principa Carnivora is a laid back social group making a family-friendly but objective environment meant to stimulate intelligent discussion of nutrition. The group is lead by Esmée La Fleur, with her administrative board keeping up with posts and helping people understand nutrition.

It is not solely Carnivore in nature, but discussion and sciences, spanning across the different Low Carb Spectrum lifestyles while giving a detailed explanation as to what could be a cause, and allowing people to find their path to healing themselves.

Knowledge is power.

You don't have to take this journey alone.

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