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Puck’s Rant Branch

Peeves and Facepalms

On occasion, I run into claims which aren’t supported by science, pseudoscience claiming falsities, or just plain nonsensical things.

When individuals who have influence on the public forget how to brain, it can harm or kill people, pets, and the environment. When those low on the totem pole of compassion bully others into thinking as they do, and they are outstandingly wrong, it becomes a major issue and I do not take well to standing by while someone is harassed.

When the name of science is used to deceive, it must be fought


The one thing I see most from people who have no understanding of how obesity actually works and have no weight issues is bullying those who gain weight by thinking about a doughnut.


If you have the nutritional education of a rock, leave people alone. Bro-science does not work and never will.

 Young Woman Contemplating

Distorted reality

Seeing is believing.

But...what if what we see is not what is there? What if our perspective is skewed, and we are not actually seeing as clearly as we thought?

This fight is real.


In other news...

Why? Seriously.

Stack of Newspapers


The Low Carb community was, in essence, attacked and slammed down as unhealthy using a shoddy epidemiological study which was manipulated to show the results the authors wanted.

Butcher's Cuts


Dangers lurk in everything we put in our bodies. What does the evidence say? Could we all be at risk for silent disease that could end our life prematurely?

Or is there something even darker keeping us sick and fat...

Fresh Vegetable in Basket


From irrational claims of "we can't digest meat" to others like "we thrive on raw vegetables", the science is just not going to keep veggies on that pedestal some have placed them on. So what can't we digest? Plants!

Read on to find out what's really going on behind your belly button.



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