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DNA analytica: handing over my genes


Primal is a lifestyle with roots in the Paleo diet, but with a more relaxed tone in comparison. There are differences, but in reality, these differences should be due to individual sensitivities and not a strict base assuming everyone is the same.

This lifestyle runs on the grounds of human diet and habits which are placed through scientific rigor to determine safety. Many things still not generally allowed on Paleo have been allowed on Primal because of scientific rigor, and so this is the most open lifestyle of the Low Carb Spectrum.

Recipes will be based on the chart to the right, and meal plans will be categorized either as simple or elaborate.

Raw meat is perfectly acceptable, but precautions may need to be taken if one is not used to them. Avoiding germs makes us susceptible to getting sick from harmless things. In reality, e. coli and salmonella are supposed to be a part of our biome. Practices like eating dirt and handling animals makes people immune to them.


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