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Ketogenic was originally developed for a dietary approach to control seizures, using literature dating back centuries ago plus randomized controlled trials on live human patients. After epilepsy drugs came out, it was swept under the rug and forgotten as a fantastic way to control the disease. A man later found it again when his son Charlie couldn’t get any help, and he made the Charlie Foundation.

Today, the Ketogenic Lifestyle has many forms but adheres to some basic rules which are grounded by scientific data. The way of eating is tailored to combat the many diseases of excessive carbohydrate, and suffers no deficiency as it is real, whole foods and avoidance of dangerous practices like smoking and alcohol consumption (for a lot of people; some still do it). The lifestyle is majorly medicinal in nature and a good many people thrive on it.

Recipes will be based on the chart to the right, and meal plans will be categorized either as simple or elaborate.

Raw meat is perfectly acceptable, but precautions may need to be taken if one is not used to them. Avoiding germs makes us susceptible to getting sick from harmless things. In reality, e. coli and salmonella are supposed to be a part of our biome. Practices like eating dirt and handling animals makes people immune to them.


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