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It is never the fault of the victim; you have the power to change your circumstances

Rant day, lovelies!

I sincerely apologize for the length of this and you may scroll on if you are displeased, but it speaks for itself and I am tired of hearing some of these.

This is old but I updated with relevant info.

Too many posts with confusing content and I would like to clear some things up:

If someone says it’s your fault for having metabolic syndrome, they are not scientifically educated on how biochemistry and physiology actually works.

If a food list includes grains (whole or not), potatoes, lean meats, and emphasizes fruit, it’s anti-fat, pro-carb propaganda and that’s what caused the metabolic diseases we see today.

If you are ignorant, that is not a flaw—it’s just a state of not knowing something. Big difference between ignorance and stupidity. If you are curious, you have hope. Those who blindly follow a belief with conflicting evidence are not ignorant, they are stupid.

Metabolic calories are a myth. Period.

Everything about health is biochemical and individual hormones and personal reaction are what determine a person’s weight when considering macro balance. Most individuals could eat a Carnivore or zero-carb (in actuality, zero-plant), 60%-90% fat diet and lose massive amounts of weight and be perfectly healthy, but some people can’t. This does not mean it’s wrong, it means that the individuals are unique people with unique biological responses to what they ingested. It could also point at metabolic dysfunction which needs to be fixed.

Increasing fruits and vegetables has no significant impact on health unless you’re on the Standard American Diet (SAD). They are neutral and can even be harmful for some people (raw vegetables are so poorly digested and people knew this before the 1920’s hit). Saturated fat is protective, in this case. Countries with the highest saturates and cholesterol in the diet have overwhelmingly shown that even with a poor diet, it can at least help. Other guides have shown that it is carb level which was the determining factor in poor health. Carbs. Plant foods. Not animal foods. Plus, there are toxicants in all plant foods at certain levels that cause distress in the body: phytates, lectins, protease inhibitors, fiber (yeah, it’s actually pretty bad and Fiber Menace, a book, brings up the science in why moderation or avoidance of it is a good idea), hormone disruptors, natural pesticides, and very few bioavailable nutrients clumped together with anti-nutrients. Meat, especially fatty cuts, liver and other organs, and even including bone tissue, cartilage, and marrow, contain all nutrients essential to life and health and there are very few toxic animal products—unless you eat fugu liver or raw eel, then that’s your own fault for living on the edge.


Seventh—and this is important:
High-fat does not mean spooning massive amounts of fat in your gob. You can cook food with butter and that works just fine. It’s more about ratios, not portion sizes, that are being taken into account. Eating a platter of bacon and eggs and if you really want, vegetables, is eating enough fat. You can add butter if you need but not drinking it from a cup unless that’s your thing. You do not need to eat several pounds of food a day—but if you feel fatigued you need to increase food intake because that’s bad. Alternately, take care of your electrolytes by eating real sea salt and possibly supplementing because that can cause fatigue on a massive scale to be sodium, magnesium, potassium, or calcium deficient.


But I can assure you that even if 5000+ calories does not cause weight gain in a lot of people, it’s pure misery and makes you hate food with a burning passion, given that the macros are at a 5%, 15%, 80% ratio or so with carb/protein/fat distribution, give or take from protein and fat based on an individual basis (and you can remove carbs if you want). So don’t stuff yourself silly on fat unless it’s what helps you the best—that’s not what it means to eat high fat normally. Just avoid lean cuts, eat mostly egg yolks, and eat fatty meats and even plant products like coconut and avocado if you tolerate them.

And now a little rant from a major in health and nutritional sciences and practitioner of non-medical health therapy for people suffering metabolic derangement:

Too much protein causes excess gluconeogenesis for a good portion of people, especially diabetics, and leads to blood sugar complications in some people. That’s why Low Carb groups based on science have a ratio. Fat is always found with animal protein with key nutrients essential to digestion and absorption. Lean meat is plain bad for everyone, period. It requires massive amounts of vitamin A to be released from the liver and causes A deficiency and sickness associated with too much protein such as glucose and insulin spikes (protein, itself, causes raised insulin but the effect is buffered by glucagon and other hormones rendering the insulin safe for most people; this is not the same reaction as with carbohydrates). Eat the fat, people. Embrace the fat because that’s what your body absolutely needs.


More information can be found in works by Mary Enig and Sally Fallon. Their books are on Amazon.


A list of notes because of individuals misunderstanding: this is for clarity.


**Protein update**

NOTE: I do not have a “protein phobia” or whatever. I am going to add with a lot of emphasis that you do not need to avoid protein, just watch ratios with fat and avoid lean. Lean is that garbage like turkey bacon/ground turkey, egg white omelettes, low-fat or fat-free dairy, muscle meats with the fat stripped off, white meats, and other such low-fat things that are not whole nor nutritious foods. Most of these are naturally packed with fats and should be eaten whole. The low-fat versions were put out there because of fat-phobia and corporate interest groups who promote consumption of foods that cause diabetes and other diseases, to begin with. They are often laced with sugar—the true cause of disease.


NOTE: The ratio for protein/fat/carb is entirely unique to each person and you must experiment—there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all. What works for you will not work for everyone else, and might even harm people if you try to force them to do exactly as you do. Suggestions are fine as long as it’s not rude and forceful opinions based on your own physiology.


**About Ketogenic and general Low Carb**

NOTE: Everyone is biochemically different and needs to find their healthy spot in the Low Carb Spectrum; Keto is not the end-all and I never postulate that it is, it’s one of many different lifestyles which is a treatment for people with intense disorders like epilepsy and autism, and is great for healthy rapid weight loss—give or take some individuals. It’s not about bulletproof coffee and Keto shakes or drinking a cup of coconut oil or butter or whatever. Those are fad practices, and every way of eating has a fad attached to it so don’t lump everyone together on that. Atkins is equally effective for certain individuals. Some people do well with a large amount of plants in their diet and fall under the Primal lifestyles.


NOTE: Keto is not complete carb avoidance. It’s avoidance of processed and starchy carbs, grains and legumes (plenty of science on toxicity and definite links to metabolic diseases), refined sugar, and anything that’s synthetically concocted in a lab. You can eat vegetables and moderate amounts of fruit all you want unless you’re in initial stages of weight loss, then you have to tweak it until you’re comfortable with your fat mass. After that, try out different ratios and see what happens.


There are people who measure carbs in certain vegetables but I think it’s arbitrary (at least for most people) considering there’s an entirely different biochemical reaction to leafy vegetables than starches. You can starve to death on buckets of romaine lettuce every day, so it should be excluded from the list of avoided carbs because they simply do not count, as well as most other leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables—most of these should be cooked, though, to deactivate toxic compounds. You’d probably develop the skill of a glorified tuba with that kind of a diet, though. Might want to supplement, too, because it’s deficient in key nutrients.


Lemons, limes, and grapefruit, further, have shown the opposite in clinical trials where glucose was better managed, but not oranges thus far, which emphasizes my point that not all fruit is equal. Again, diabetics must test their own glucose on an individual basis and adjust accordingly.


NOTE: Vegan fanatics—get off my lawn. I will not talk to you and will block you if you try to preach your pseudoscientific misinformation to me. Vegetarian (the “healthy” kind) almost killed me. If you have to take supplements, you are not living healthy. Those are medication for deficiencies caused by improper nutritional ingestion or diseases. End of story.


I do not have quarrels with the polite ones.


Many articles postulating authority on obesity and disease are wrong. Most of theses are written by one of those people who were the same ones that tormented me, saying it was my fault, when I was eating the unhealthy and hazardous list of vegetarian, low-fat foods because I was told it was healthy. Listening to these people almost ended my life, literally. That woke me up to real science and research. The “science” used in most of these bashing articles is shoddy and wasn’t performed correctly because there are updated studies showing that the ones mentioned in the articles are complete hogwash.


Calorie deficit = anorexia nervosa; starving people to death and justifying an ignorant myth that metabolic calories actually exist.

Fun fact: they don’t!


Calories were discovered in the 1700’s by burning food in a little oven to heat water up. How cute. I’m not a freaking Bunsen burner; I’m a human being. Calories defy everything biochemistry stands for and how the human body works. How about we take a look at a fellow nutrition major and his site which is ever-expanding:

Coach Jacks 5000 Calorie Challenge

...This is to see his challenge where he and others ate 5000+ calories every day with a specific macronutrient balance for 21 days and lost fat mass while gaining in lean mass and bone. I had already informed him of the outcome of his original attempt because I did the experiment first and I rapidly lost 10 lbs while gaining some muscle definition and my blood panels looked fantastic; I lost 13 more after balancing to 3500 consistently over the next three weeks. Some variables were different, but were insignificant to the experiment as a whole (a 0.63 or so fat gain near the end that dropped off, anyway; that’s nothing, literally, for 21 days of 5000+ calories).


Calorie deficits never helped me lose weight, they made me get sick and end up in the hospital. What helped me was ignoring calories and eating mostly animal protein and huge amounts of saturated fats from animal sources, along with sticking to mostly leafy greens but a very low amount of plant foods, few fruits, and very few seeds in the form of nuts—which I don’t really eat much of anyway. Nowadays, I am Carnivore and avoid all plants because after some experimenting with fasting, I figured out that’s what was holding me back and causing my problems.


Ignorance should never be placed as a fault on the individual suffering.


I won’t be all cutesy with the people I guide, but I most definitely do not tell them “it’s your fault, <insert offensive name-calling here like a juvenile bully picking on the fat kid with hypothyroidism because of eating soy and other hormone disruptors like a good boy>.”

I tell them the truth: Those grains, legumes, and potatoes you’re told to eat all turn into copious amounts of sugar and will cause atherosclerotic plaquing and other diseases even if you manage to lose weight. Weight has nothing to do with health, it’s a symptom of disease as a form of low-grade inflammation that’s not always prevalent. Those lean proteins are causing hell for your digestive system and are depleting your liver and other organs of vitamin A because the essential nutrients found only in the fat have been stripped off for no reason other than the great religion of Ancel Keys and Ellen White. Here, eat this plate of fatty bacon, whole eggs, skin-on salmon, and drizzled with butter if you like—that’s how you lose weight and get your health back.


FYI on the picture: Ignore that bit about all fruit because lemon and lime actually have a positive effect without glucose spiking—always test your blood glucose to see what personally affects YOU. Grapefruit enhances weight loss. Lumping things together is a bad idea, period. For diabetics: avoid all sweet fruits because yes, you have glucose intolerance. Everyone else can have small amounts of fruits as long as it doesn’t make you sick.

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