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Because Carnivore involves eating animal-only foods, the simplicity of the lifestyle allows easy meals with quick prep and low maintenance. Herbs and spices add a form of variety in flavors if tolerated, and can alleviate any boredom some individuals experience.

Many on Carnivore don’t like variety except in what meats they eat (muscle versus organs) but even then, some keep it simple and have no problems.

Recipes will be based on the chart to the right, and meal plans will be categorized either as simple or elaborate.

Raw meat is perfectly acceptable, but precautions may need to be taken if one is not used to them. Avoiding germs makes us susceptible to getting sick from harmless things. In reality, e. coli and salmonella are supposed to be a part of our biome. Practices like eating dirt and handling animals makes people immune to them.

Special thanks to:

Esmée La Fleur

Gregg Sheehan

Michael Frieze

The Zero Carb Zen site.

Paul Mabry

Thanks to others I may add for contributing opinions and sciences on Carnivore as I find them.

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