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The contents of this site are for informational purposes only. Nothing here is meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease and should not replace the advice of a licensed professional. Any opinions are that of the site owner and is not promoted, paid for, nor associated with any other entities. It is not recommended to do self-care based on information obtained from this Site.
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Reinvent Yourself
Discover the Benefits of a Lifestyle Change
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What is obesity?
The Metabolic Syndrome


Obesity and overweight have long been said to be a disease of overeating. While the dose can make the poison, it is much more complicated, and it's not your fault.


What is the Low Carb spectrum?

Low-carb lifestyles come in different forms, and all have different origins. No matter the case, they’ve proven valuable in the fight against metabolic syndrome.


Puck’s Rant Branch

When media or propaganda fly in the face of science, my feathers get ruffled. Here are some of my sarcastic rants for your viewing pleasure.


Community of Scientific Minds


These lifestyles are based on hard evidence with a growing community of medical experts and scientists.


Recipes and Meal Plans


Sometimes making a meal plan is rough, and sometimes finding recipes is such a chore. This section explains what is allowed and what is not on specific lifestyles, and compiles found recipes as well as self-made or tweaked ones.


Social Support Groups


There are many different social groups, some of which are run by nutrition coaches, therapists, and otherwise experts. Having a place to go for answers can take the burden of going alone off your shoulders.

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